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Written and Directed by
Ken Eklund, writerguy

Illustrated by
Sergio Lobato

Liaison at Access Excellence
VivianLee Ward

Liaison at the
National Health Museum
Mary Cotton

Phil Mannle

Copyright 2001 Ken Eklund and sciencemystery.com
Update 2004 by Ken Eklund, writerguy

For Teachers:
Tips on using the Yellow Jackie mystery in your classroom.

YELLOW JACKIE is one of a series of online science mysteries created for Access Excellence @ the National Health Museum (AE@NHM), a national science education program. Through AE@NHM, high school biology and life sciences teachers gain access to colleagues, scientists, and critical sources of scientific information via the World Wide Web.

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YELLOW JACKIE is a fictional story
with a scientific basis. Here's how to
separate fact from fiction:

The setting, characters and events are fictitious,
and any resemblance to any person, living or dead,
is purely coincidental.

For story reasons, we simplified the mystery puzzle.
In real life, there would be more possible causes for the
ailments and symptoms than we included here.

We hope you enjoy the mystery! To return to the story,
use the BACK button on your browser, or this button:

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