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Kerry is resting once again in her bunk. She looks feverish. "Whoa," she says. "I thought maybe I was well enough to stand watch later on, but now, no way. Brendan was right - he told me to stay in bed."

"Hey," Terry says. "Feel that cold breeze? Is that blowing on you?"

Kerry shrugs. "We always keep all the vents wide open," she says. "I love the fresh sea air."

"Tell us about your illness," Terry says gently.

"It hit me on Day 6," she begins. "Came on real sudden. Chills, fever, a runny nose, muscle ache, headache, the works. Fever of 40 Celsius - what is that, 104 Fahrenheit? I felt awful. I guess I still do. Maybe even worse, since I got up for a little while."

"Any guesses as to what you have?"

"My guess is, we all have the same thing," Kerry says. "Whatever it is. I have it in the muscles, Alistair has it in the lungs - you see what I mean? I just hope it's nothing serious. I really really want to keep going in this race."

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