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While you anchor the loose stay to another chainplate, Terry watches the Galapagos Canary NWF approach.

"She's really cracking on," he says, peering through the binoculars. "My stars, what a beautiful boat. And the skipper's got her trim as Mary. What a bow wave she's throwing!

"Say, where is everybody? I count only two people on deck." He turns suddenly and disappears below, and in a moment you hear the squawk of the radio.

You finish tightening the loose stay and then set to work sealing the hole.

Terry bounds back up on deck. "Awright, here's the story," he says, training the binoculars again on the Canary, now hull-up and gaining fast.

"I got through on the radio. Race Control relieved to hear we found her, she hasn't been heard from for 38 hours. She had a crew of six when the fleet left Buenos Aires. And yeah, at this point she's leading the race. The other teams went south to avoid the storm; looks like she plunged right on through.

"Right, now, let that be," he says, looking at the half-patched hole. "Got to put some sail on. We don't want to slow down the race leader any more than we have to, do we?"Go To Next Page

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