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Advances Deep Sea Biology

Panel Discussion

Is it possible to get a ride in Alvin?

Bruce Robison:  It certainly has been possible in the past to get rides in Alvin for a variety of non-scientific purposes. They've used Alvin to make movies. They've used Alvin for flag waving. They've used Alvin to impress politicians.

George Matsumoto:  Another alternative might be the Mirs, the Mir I and Mir II were involved in the Titanic. As far as my understanding goes, they are available for those who have the funds to go out and do the research.

Bruce Robison:  Yes, the Mirs are for hire and they're good subs.

What opportunities do you have for teachers to become involved in this kind of research?

George Matsumoto:  In terms of internships, one of the things that MBARI is interested in is perhaps having a teacher internship program. Teachers could come to MBARI for a three month or perhaps just a five to seven day program to do some independent research projects or have a research update. Of course, we don't have any submersibles with people inside. We have the remotely operated vehicles. That has been an option. It may continue to be an option. We have taken teachers out to the canyon by means of the boat, but we also have a program at the aquarium that we call the "Deep Link" or the "Deep from Monterey Canyon" where all the images that we see and the images like those we showed on the videotape today are piped live into the Monterey Bay Aquarium auditorium so you can actually see what's going on with about a three millisecond delay over what we see while on the ship. So, things like that are possible. In terms of actually getting down into a submersible, I think it's an interesting proposition. I'd like to get down more, so I'll probably stand in line right there with you.


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