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Theoretical Issues in Plant Biology BioForum is a series of lectures, presented by California Academy of Sciences, in which scientists share their research results with high school biology teachers. The BioForum website is a partnership between Access Excellence and the California Academy of Sciences.

Presented April 18, 1998

Moderator: Frank Almeda, Ph.D.,
Senior Curator of Botany, California Academy of Sciences

Plant Evolution: Adaptation or Historical Accident?
Karl Niklas, Ph.D.,
Professor, Section of Plant Biology, Cornell University

Jose Sarukhan, Ph.D.,
Tinker Visiting Professors: Stanford University

The Influence of Plants on the Evolution of Terrestrial Communities
Bruce Tiffney, Ph.D.,
Paleobotanist, University of California, Santa Barbara

The Consequences of the Dissolution of Wallaces's Realms
Harold A. Mooney, Ph.D.,
Stanford University

Panel Discussion

BioForum is funded in part by: Genentech, Inc.; ALZA Corporation in honor of Rudy A. Peterson; and Dr. and Mrs. John S. Hensill.

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