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What can we do?

Our responsibility

One of the things that we have agreed to do if we ratify the Convention on Biodiversity it is to prevent the introduction, control and eradicate those alien species that threaten ecosystems or species. The operative term here is threaten. So how are we going to do this? For one, we will have to understand the vectors of invasive species and how they're changing and what the impact of international trade agreements is going to be and start talking to these communities to let them understand the nature of the biological problem that's being caused by this.

Talk with horticulturists...

We're going to have to talk to horticulturists. You know, it's interesting, all of a sudden botanic gardens and garden clubs are beginning to become aware of the problem of invasives. People are now looking for more weird and exotic plants, getting tired of the old exotic ones they've got, so weird and exotic are in. But I'm seeing that botanic gardens, which for years have offered free seed to other botanic gardens around the world, are now going to have a meeting to discuss this policy since they realize that they may be contributing to the problem.


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