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Table of Contents

  1. Speaker Introduction
  2. The Consequences of the Dissolution of Wallaces's Realms - Introduction
  3. Invasion of exotic species
  4. Which habitats are being invaded?
  5. How big are the numbers?
  6. The biological global revolution
  7. Why should we be concerned?
  8. Are there benefits?
  9. A worst case scenario...
  10. Not all are problems...
  11. Other less problematical cases...
  12. Other climates like ours...
  13. A world model...
  14. The problem is not going away...
  15. Invasions can be close to home
  16. Examples of invasives...
  17. What can we do?
  18. Talk with horticulturists...
  19. Identify traits for invasive species...
  20. Tough decisions to make...
  21. South Africa's efforts...
  22. Budget priorities...
  23. Why are we here?
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