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I. Effects Of Climate Change On Biodiversity

Climate Change

Climate change can also effect biological diversity in several ways. Different models allow prediction of the way the global climate variation can effect the productivity of crops in different regions, with the resulting national, economical and social conflicts. Despite the fact agricultural practices adopted with difficulty may cause changes in climatic conditions. The situation is far more serious for natural ecosystems and this has stimulated significant amounts of research leading to the development of model prediction (Field et al 1996, Trends in Ecology and Evolutions 11:313-314).

The possible effect on natural systems is particularly serious for isolated and fragmented ecosystems or populations where organisms will not have an ecological corridor to use to move as they adapt to the new climatic conditions. It is estimated that about 45% of the world's natural reserve will be affected by several of the proposed climatic change scenarios. Many of these reserves that are not designed on the basis of ecological planning, constitute isolated fragments of relatively small size and are therefore very vulnerable to these changes.

Human Impact

Due to rapid population growth experienced globally and the way in which that population impacts the environment through the use of the world's resources, it is clear we live in a wholly human dominated planet. As has been summarized by other ecologists, this effect can be seen in the transformation of land and sea, that there are major bio-geo-chemical cycles and extinction of species, promotion of invasive species, and the depletion of bio-mechanical natural resources.


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