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Table of Contents

  1. Biodiversity: A Global View
    1. Public Awareness
    2. Biodiversity described
    3. Assessment Of Biodiversity
    4. Geographic and Ecosystem Diversity
    5. Ancient extinctions and biodiversity
    6. Effects of Human Population Growth
    7. Loss of Biodiversity
      1. Causes
      2. Developing Countries
      3. Frontier Forests
    8. H. Globalization
      1. Travel and human interactions
      2. Exploitation
      3. Marine pollution and exploitation
    9. Effects Of Climate Change On Biodiversity
    10. Calculating The Value Of Natural Resources
    11. Conserving Biological Resources
    12. Involving The Industrialists And The Public

  2. Management of Biodiversity
    1. CONABIO Established
    2. Coordinating Efforts
      1. Support for research and development of a database
      2. Working Together
      3. Verifying Information
    3. Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Maps
      1. Mapping data
      2. Integrating data
      3. "Beta diversity"
    4. Strategies for Preservation
    5. Information dissemination

  3. The dilemma we face
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  2. Slide Index
  3. Web Index

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