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Table of Contents

  1. Speaker Introduction
  2. Three Part Take Home Message
  3. A few thoughts on extinction
  4. Is the past present
  5. The earliest history of the earth suggests
  6. In the marine sphere
  7. And in the terrestrial sphere
  8. Early plant predators
  9. Diversification
  10. Pennsylvanian period
  11. Mississippian period
  12. Herbivores
  13. Paleozoic period
  14. Permian period
  15. In Summary
  16. Mesozoic reconstruction
  17. Later in the Mesozoic period.
  18. Later Cretaceous
  19. Insects and angiosperms
  20. Cretaceous/Tertiary Boundary
  21. The past is catching up to the present
  22. Permian Period
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  3. Web Index

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