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Biography - Arthur E. Girard, Ph.D.

Principal Research Investigator
Infectious Disease Sections
Pfizer Central Research

Dr. Girard is a son of two Canadian immigrants who came to the US to work in a major Connecticut carpet factory. He received all of his formal training at the Univ. of Conn., completing BA (1958) and MS (1961) degrees in Bacteriology and a Ph.D. (1969) in Microbiology. He was an Assistant Professor of Microbiology and a member of the 1st Faculty of the Univ. of Conn. Health Center (Medical-Dental School) from 1968-1973. While at the UConn Health Center, he taught medical and dental microbiology; his research interests were devoted to bacterial ultrastructure (electron microscopy) and anaerobic microbiology. He joined Pfizer Central Research in 1973 and since that time has been involved with the primary discovery and development of new antibacterial agents. He was a significant contributor to the discovery and pre-clinical development of four Pfizer antibiotics (Cefobid, Unasyn, Azithromycin, and Trovafloxacin). This research work resulted in presentation and publication of several papers and abstracts. In addition to his laboratory research responsibilities, Dr. Girard has been and continues to be a volunteer teacher at several local community schools (high, middle and grammar) and teacher workshops through the Pfizer SMART (Science and Math Are Really Terrific) Speakers Bureau. This year, he was a participant in the Pfizer sponsored "Micro Mondays", "Microbes" traveling exhibit (teleconferences with children), and a Teacher Workshop at Woods Hole, Marine Biological Laboratories.

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