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Biography - Jeff Johansen, Ph.D.

Jeff Johansen was born and raised in northern California. He became involved in studies of microbiotic crusts while a junior in college, and eventually received his Ph.D. in Botany from Brigham Young University in 1984. His dissertation research examined recovery of microbiotic crust communities from both animal grazing activity and rangefire. He subsequently held two postdoctoral positions in phycology, the first at Washington State University where he continued his studies of fire disturbance and crusts, and the second at the Solar Energy Research Institute, where he was part of the effort to develop a diesel fuel substitute from microalgae. He joined the faculty at John Carroll University in Cleveland in the fall of 1988, and currently is an associate professor in the Department of Biology. Dr. Johansen has conducted various ecological and floristic studies on microalgae, particularly on diatoms and soil algae. He has published over 50 papers in scientific journals, 20 of which concern microbiotic soil crusts. His contributions to microbiotic crust research have been in the areas of disturbance ecology, reclamation, floristics, and taxonomy. He has taught 14 different courses during his 10 years at John Carroll, mentored over 30 undergraduate and graduate student research projects, and obtained over $1.5 million in external funding, mostly for his involvement in crust reclamation studies in Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. He is a cofounder of the Cuyahoga River Watershed Project, a multi-institutional collaborative organization studying watershed-based urban ecology in the greater Cleveland metropolitan area, is on the steering committee for the Woodlake Environmental Research Station in the Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area, and serves on the editorial board of the Great Basin Naturalist.

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