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Speaker Introduction

Moritz:  The name Craighead is, for many of synonymous with the study of Grizzly Bears in Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies. Our speaker, Lance Craighead is a direct lineal descendant of the Craigheads that became famous for those studies.

Lance is a conservation biologist who lives in Bozeman, Montana. He received his Bachelor's degree from Carlton College in 1969 and spent some time in the Peace Corps in the South Pacific. He worked at a variety of jobs and got a Masters Degree from the University of Wisconsin, working with Dr. Joseph Hickey in 1977 and did a thesis there on senses of Purple Violet Seabirds, a really fascinating area.

In the academic sector, he is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology at Montana State University helping to advise graduate students and occasionally teaching himself. In the non-profit sector, he's worked on reserve design and habitat analysis, as well as carnivore biology through his position as Research Director at the Craighead Environmental Research Institute. Recently, he established a GIS Lab in Bozeman. After helping to develop initial models of corridor analysis, he's working to develop more refined habitat models with greater spatial resolution. Implementing reserve design concepts also involves working with other GIS Labs, conservation groups, private land owners, and State and Federal agencies throughout the region.

The first time I met Lance was through work with the Environmental Systems Research Institute, the people who produce the ARC Info and GIS software. I've known Lance for several years in that context. He serves as Vice President for the Northern Rockies Conservation Co-op at Jackson, Wyoming and is a member of the Wildlife Society, AAAS, and Sigma Chi. He's recently looking towards the publication of two chapters in books. One is in the book Metapopulations in Wildlife Conservation where he's co-author of a chapter called Brown and Grizzly Bear Metapopulations. Another upcoming publication is entitled Genetic Considerations for Conservation of Greater Yellowstone Carnivores for a book called Carnivores in Ecosystems which is going to be published by Yale University Press.

Please join me in welcoming Lance Craighead.


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