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Humans, 1; Bears, 0:

In addition to directly killing Grizzly Bears, humans began altering the habitat on a large scale, building cities and towns like Edmonton, Alberta, in this slide, introducing agriculture and cultivating large tracks of land. Of course agricultural land is chosen always as the most productive land for growing plants but it was also probably the most productive land for Grizzly Bears and a lot of other species. Agriculture was accompanied by mining. These are mine tailings from gold dredges which had pretty severe impacts on a lot of river drainages all over the west. This is a modern open pit mine, a heap leach cyanide mine which is a new technique, but large open pit mines were also an important impact in the past.

Also, people began logging on a large scale and removing much wildlife habitat and began increasing the number of human settlements. Now today we're moving up into the foothills, we're moving into kind of the last refuges of these species, particularly the ones that are shy of man.


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