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Biography - F. Lance Craighead, Ph.D.

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology
Montana State University, Montana
Research Director, Craighead Environmental Research Institute

I'm a conservation biologist living in Bozeman Montana. I received my Bachelor's degree from Carleton College in Northfield Minnesota in 1969. After a few years in the Peace Corps in the South Pacific and various jobs in Wyoming, I completed a Master's degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison under Dr. Joseph Hickey 1n 1977. My thesis topic was "A census of Pribilof Island Seabirds". I worked for the next ten years on various projects, primarily in Alaska, with a number of State and Federal agencies and consulting firms. I returned to academia and completed my PhD at Montana State University under Drs. Ernie Vyse and Peter Brussard in 1994. My dissertation topic was "Conservation Genetics of Grizzly Bears" and was based on results of DNA microsatellite analysis of a grizzly population in the Western Brooks Range of Alaska that was conducted in cooperation with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. I conducted my laboratory work in Dr. Vyse's lab at Montana State, the National Fish and Wildlife Forensics lab in Ashland Oregon, and Dr. Curtis Strobeck's lab in Edmonton Alberta.

In the Academic sector I am currently an Affiliate Assistant Professor Of Biology at Montana State University helping to advise graduate students, and occasionally teaching. In the Nonprofit sector I work on reserve design and habitat analysis as well as carnivore biology through my position as Research Director of the Craighead Environmental Research Institute. I recently established a GIS lab in Bozeman, Montana. After helping develop initial models of corridor analysis, I am working to develop more refined habitat models with greater spatial resolution. Implementing reserve design concepts also involves working with other GIS labs, conservation groups, private landowners, and state and federal agencies throughout the region. I serve as Vice-President for the Northern Rockies Conservation Coop in Jackson, Wyoming. I am a member of The Wildlife Society, AAS, and Sigma Xi.

I've published numerous scientific papers and recently completed two book chapters: one in 1995 entitled Brown/Grizzly Bear Metapopulations for the book "Metapopulations and Wildlife Conservation" edited by Dale McCullough for Island Press, the second in 1999 entitled Genetic Considerations for Conservation of Greater Yellowstone Carnivores for the book "Carnivores in Ecosystems" edited by Tim Clark, Peter Kareiva, and Steven Minta for Yale University Press.

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