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Table of Contents

  1. Speaker Introduction
  2. Designing Nature Reserves: past, present and future.

    1. Periods of mass extinctions:
    2. A comment on human birth rates...
    3. Causes of mass extinctions:
    4. Deterministic factors:
    5. Nature reserves as protection against extinction:
    6. European hunting preserves:
    7. African areas:
    8. North America:
    9. Grizzly bears as an umbrella species:

      1. Methods for designing reserves to protect biodiversity...

    10. Grizzly Bear and human travels:
    11. Humans, 1; Bears, 0:
    12. Protected areas for spectacular natural features:
    13. Continued extinction of grizzlies:
    14. Demographic effects on small bear populations:
    15. Species area relationships...
    16. Today's story...
    17. Problems with small populations:
    18. Migration waves:
    19. Dispersal routes connecting core areas:
    20. Examining possible corridors:
    21. Physical parameters:

      1. Vegetation...
      2. Roads...
      3. Humans

    22. The bottom line...
    23. It's not rocket science and there's a lot of art to this...
    24. Dispersal is for the males...
    25. Male dispersers are efficient agents of gene flow...
    26. Barriers presented by towns and cities:
    27. This is how we need to start thinking about large scale conservation:
    28. An even wider vision is embodied in the Wildlands Project...
    29. Concluding thoughts...

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