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Conservation Biology - Moderator

This I threw in simply because I think it's something that you as teachers might want to see. This is actually an automated translation that I did off the web. If you go to Alta Vista these days and you do search on Alta Vista, at the bottom of your search results for each item, you'll see a little translate button and if you want to try it, it has the option of translating into German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian. I think those are the languages. The art of translating is not yet perfect. But nevertheless, it's something to be well aware of. And in a state where we have at least some controversy around the issues of multilingual materialsin education, this is something that you might want to point some students to.

Biodiversity, this is a shot taken down in Micronesia last year. There's some Diefenbachias and coffee in there, I think - a variety of other tropical species. This was just on a hillside in Micronesia. That's a European bison (on the right). That was taken in December of last year, December of '97, in a reserve to the southeast of Moscow. There actually are no wild populations of these guys left. They were all hunted out. The last ones were hunted out on the Polish/German border at the end of the second World War but they are being restored and there are still areas where some of these guys are wild in Russia and in Europe, in Poland, anyway. They look alot like ours.

That's just a reminder. That's from a street in Shanghai, a reminder of why we talk about natural "resources". Our biodiversity is translated into use by human beings.


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