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What impact has the complete utilization of the river had?

The main issue that we're interested in as a research group and a group of marine paleontologists is exactly what impact has this entire adjustment, this complete utilization of the river, had on a number of species. Here's an irrigation canal. We know, for example, in these we know it's distributed all over the place and you're not necessarily looking at the Colorado River when you see one of these in Sonora or Southern California or Arizona but you're definitely looking at water that is from the Colorado River or at least would have formerly been a tributary to the Colorado River.

The river is, of course, utilized for many purposes. There is a baptism taking place at a river crossing, the last crossing of the Colorado near San Louis Rio Colorado in Sonora. We were here in 1997 to take samples of water. I'll explain later on why sampling the Colorado's fresh water is so important to us. And after photographing this very interesting scene I then went down to the river and took a bunch of water samples. And on the way back, I had my camera with me so I could capture this sign, which is really pointing in the wrong direction. I would have liked to have seen this before I waded down into the river. But it's been about 14 months and I feel fine. I assume that I'm in fairly good shape.


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