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Biography - Peter D. Roopnarine, Ph.D.

Dr. Peter D. Roopnarine, Asst. Curator,
Department of Invertebrate Zoology & Geology
California Academy of Sciences

I am a paleontologist/marine biologist with interests ranging from evolutionary biology to paleoecological reconstruction. Current research projects include a reconstruction of the ecosystem in the northern Gulf of California during the past 2,000 years; studying the evolution and ecology of marine molluscs in tropical America during the past 30 million years; and reconstructing patterns of evolution of conodonts (near-microscopic vertebrates) during the Devonian(400 million years ago). I utilize a broad range of techniques in all these projects, including phylogenetic systematics, paleobiogeochemical analysis, and computer/numerical simulation. Field work takes me to Baja California, Sonora, Nevada, and many areas of tropical America including Florida and the West Indies.

I received a B.Sc. in Biology from Mount Allison University, New Brunswick, Canada in 1984, and then a Master's degree in Ocean Sciences from Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center in Florida in 1988. I then did my Ph.D. in Geology with Dr. Geerat Vermeij, at the University of California Davis, which I completed in 1994. My dissertation was entitled "Systematics, biogeography and extinction of chionine bivalves in the Late Neogene of Tropical America". Since receiving my Ph.D. I have served as an Assistant Professor of Biology at Southeast Missouri State University (1994-1998), a Research Associate at the University of Arizona (1997-1998), and am currently the curator of Paleontology and Geology at the California Academy of Sciences. Information regarding my background and other interests can be found at http://www.geo.arizona.edu/ceam/peter.html

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