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A first step...

Our first step in this process was to identify areas within the range where we could study the quality of the corridor areas. The man to the left in this picture is Cal Snyder who was the Center of Biodiversityıs Expedition Leader in 1998 and two Vietnamese colleagues - The one with his back to us, whose name is Nguyen Tien Hiep and Phan Ke Loc, who's not in this picture, unfortunately. We spent a month in these areas looking for appropriate sites to do research and to look for potential corridor areas.

I can tell you that during that month we walked through a lot of streams and we drove most of the time through a lot of areas that didn't have enough forest to be considered part of the protected area system. As Dr. Craighead mentioned before, we're working in a landscape here where people have been living and working the land for hundreds and thousands of years. There's not much left in terms of natural areas. Fortunately, we were able to identify three areas along the northern Truong Son Range that would be potential corridors. Again, one is contiguous to the Vu Quang Reserve here. One would be in here and one would be found in Phong Nha-KeBang.


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