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Survey results:

From this survey, we were able to establish that one of the sites--the one furthest from to the north, Huong Son forest--contains the rarest type of forest remaining in Vietnam. This is a lowland broadleaf evergreen primary rainforest. This site encompasses the largest known assemblage, actually, we found about 1,000 individuals, of Vietnam's rare and endemic cycad(upper left corner is cycad). I have to apologize for the picture. This is the cycad over here. We just have a bunch of palms in the background. This is the only picture we have of this rare and endemic cycad. We're not photographers.

This cycad was previously found in only two other areas. Again, endemic to Vietnam means it's found only in Vietnam. The fauna of this forest is dominated by species characteristic of primary lowland forest. One of our indications of this was the small mammal community. Normally, when you survey for small mammals, you come up with a certain percentage of Rattus rattus. If you have a large number of Rattus --, a large number of species of Rattus, or a large number of individuals --, generally it means that it's a more disturbed area. It means that people have been there, it means that it sort of paves the way for rats to enter the area. We found phenomenally low numbers of rats in this area, meaning that it's a truly undisturbed area. The forest starts at about 80 meters in elevation, which probably would be the lower percentage of the forest area. So it's a pretty amazing find in Vietnam and it's currently unprotected.


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