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A possible second sight...

This year we will also be visiting a second site requested by the Vietnamese government in an area to the south of where we were last year called Ngoc Linh. Thankfully, this year we were able to create a Remote Sensing AND Geographical Information Systems laboratory within the Center last October. Peter Ersts, who's pictured here, and Susan Park, who's not, are our lab staff and Harvey Kagan is our volunteer who's working with us regularly three days a week. These folks will be able to help me at all stages of our work in Vietnam and in fact, I have to admit that they wrote and did the slides for most of the rest of the presentation. So, they've helped me in lots of different ways.

The remotely sensed images that we use from this, I thought I'd tell you a little bit about, partly because I think it's very interesting and partly because it's something you can teach your students. There are tutorials on the web that you can use to have these folks understand where this information comes from. Many of the images that Dr. Craighead used in the last presentation came from remotely sensed images. I'm just going to be taking a step back and showing you how we get these data.


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