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Making plans...

Our plan is to survey three different areas within the country to determine what plant and animal species are found in unprotected areas. We also want to identify the cultural and subsistence uses of the areas for the local populations and to begin collecting information that could be used to asses the importance of these areas in relation to other unprotected areas and to existing reserves.

In 1998, last year, we were asked to survey the northern Truong Son range. Essentially, in this area there are three existing protected areas. Here we have Pu Mat, Vu Quang and Fong Nha Ke Bang. These are small, isolated areas and the regions are contiguous with Laos. So this is China, the green is Vietnam, the pink is Laos and the darker color is Cambodia.

The government was interested in our determining whether it would be a good idea to create a corridor area--Lance explained the corridor areas in his previous presentation-a corridor area between these existing reserves and potentially form a trans-boundary reserve with a proposed reserve in Laos.


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