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Biography - Eleanor J. Sterling, Ph.D.

Dr. Sterling is the program director and the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation in the American Museum of Natural History. Her primary role is to develop and coordinate international field research and education projects in target countries. Currently, she is leading a collaborative project with the Missouri Botanical Garden and the Vietnamese government to identify endangered forest ecosystems that could be included in the country's protected areas system.

Sterling is also an adjunct professor at Columbia University where she teaches courses in Conservation Biology. She has more than 15 years of field experience in Africa, Latin America and Asia including surveys, censuses, and behavioral, ecological, and genetic studies of primates and other mammals. She has worked for several international conservation organizations in both the US and Africa and has trained teachers, students, and US Peace Corps Volunteers in a variety of aspects related to biodiversity conservation. In addition, Sterling has expertise developing training workshops and environmental education programs.

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