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Table of Contents

  1. What is Systematics?
    1. Evolutionary relationships give you predictivity
    2. Inventories are exceedingly important.
    3. Collections support research...
    4. Different species concepts give you a different outlook on nature...
    5. Species have three general requirements...
    6. What's missing is meaningful ranking.
    7. Now, there's an alternative species concept, called the phylogenetic species concept.
    8. Birds of Paradise by example...
    9. Now, I'm going to show you how and why this is important...
    10. Those areas are related historically
    11. Now, let's return to the quail thrushes...
    12. This is a group of birds called sittellas
    13. Phylogenetic analysis: These are riflebirds, a kind of bird of paradise...
    14. This is one of the kinds of hypothesis we could put together.
    15. I'm going to go back to the issue and problem of inventory:
    16. Beautiful, undestroyed, lots of elephant trails...
    17. Why specimens are collected...
    18. Population differences...
    19. Now for something completely different: tigers.
    20. Some of the scientific questions:
    21. Tigers again...
    22. In summary,
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