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Speaker Introduction

Taylor:  I have the pleasure of introducing our next speaker. When we asked Terry Gosliner if he would be the moderator for a BioForum on Systematics, it was because we knew that there could be no more eloquent spokesperson for the value and the relevance of studying systematics than Terry. Then as we began to work on the list of who the speakers for this BioForum ought to be, that name also kept coming to the top of the list as having some of the most intriguing research that we wanted to have presented. So, Terry is one of our presenters as well.

But we wanted to spare you what could have been an almost humorous episode of Terry introducing himself so I took on that responsibility. Terry, as you are aware, is the Director of Research here at the Academy. He also holds the title of Senior Curator in the Department of Invertebrate Zoology and Geology. Terry has been at the Academy since 1982. Before that he worked at the South African Museum for three years. But his interest in the biology and systematics of marine invertebrates has taken him to a lot of intriguing research sites around the world. He is a native Californian and he has studied the marine life in California waters extensively with a tendency to head down towards Baja as often as he possibly can. He tells me that when he was a graduate student he did such foolish things that young people do as diving in New England waters during the wintertime but we all get wiser with age. Currently, the South Pacific is the site of a lot more of his research activities than New England in the winter seems to be.

Terry's work has focused on the systematics of the nudibranchs and he's going to talk about that work today and how systematics informs our understanding of the evolution of color patterns in nudibranchs.


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