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Tropical American Bats

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction and History:

    1. My whole career has been based on field work:

  2. Bats

    1. What is a mammal?
    2. About flying and bats...
    3. There's a controversy
    4. The naming of bats
    5. Most bats were named during the 19th century by two people:
    6. Thoughts on catching bats
    7. Basically, I'm an explorer
    8. The variety of bats
    9. Bat wings
    10. More bat wings
    11. Bat faces
    12. The Phyllostomidae, and nose leaves
    13. Bat camouflage
    14. Catching and handling bats
    15. Marking bats
    16. We set mist nets in places likely to catch bats
    17. Dispersal routes connecting core areas:
    18. Conclusion:

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    2. Speaker Bio
    3. Slide Index
    4. Web Index

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