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BioForum is a series of lectures, presented by California Academy of Sciences, in which scientists share their research results with high school biology teachers. The BioForum website is a partnership between Access Excellence and the California Academy of Sciences.

1998-1999 BioForum Presentations

Microbes   October 24, 1998
Moderator: Patrick Kociolek, Ph.D.
Executive Director, California Academy of Sciences

Conservation Biology   February 6, 1999
Moderator: Tom Moritz
Head Librarian, American Museum of Natural History

Modern Systematics  April, 17, 1999
Moderator: Terry Gosliner, Ph.D. Director of Research, California Academy of Sciences

Register to be a part of the audience, at future BioForum presentations.

Previous BioForum Presentations

Life with Toxic Sulfide July 30, 1997
Presenter: Alissa Arp, Ph.D.
Professor of Biology, San Francisco State University

Evolution   November 8, 1997
Moderator: Eugenie Scott, Ph.D.
Executive Director, National Center for Science Education

Advances in Deep Sea Biology  
February 7, 1998
Moderator:Bruce H. Robison, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

Theoretical Issues in Plant Biology   April 18, 1998
Moderator: Frank Almeda, Ph.D.
Senior Curator of Botany, California Academy of Sciences

The BioForum Series:

  • Provides information on current research and issues to high school science teachers.
  • Establishes a setting where high school teachers can interact with scientists.
  • Disseminates the information from scientists on the World Wide Web.
Each BioForum session features presentations by three scientists followed by a panel discussion.

BioForum is funded in part by: Genentech, Inc.; Pfizer, ALZA Corporation in honor of Rudy A. Peterson; and Mrs. John S. Hensill.

Registration Information

Time: 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Location: California Academy of Sciences, Morrison Auditorium

Registration: $15.00 for each or $45.00 for all three. Morning refreshments and lunch are included.

Please note: You must complete the registration form and enclose your payment of$15.00 per session to be enrolled in BioForum. Your registration cannot be guaranteed without this information. No district invoices will be accepted. (Click here to access registration form).

San Francisco State University Continuing Education Credits will be available. Most school districts accept this program for increment credits. Call the Education Department if you have questions (415)750-7368 or
E-mail: [email protected]

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