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MediaSharp: Analyzing Tobacco and Alcohol Messages


MediaSharp consists of five modules with lesson plans including activities, learning objectives, and handouts. Each module focuses on one aspect of marketing tobacco and alcohol.

Module 1., Ready. Set. Action, should be taught before teaching any of the other individual modules.


Activities Learning Objectives Content Areas
Introduction: Overview, Table of Contents & Notes for the Teacher. (PDF File)
Module 1. Ready. Set. Action!
1. Media Likes and Dislikes
2. Reading Media

Module One PDF File

Module One Handout PDF File
identify the type, amount, and nature of their use of media,
conduct a reading of tobacco and alcohol media messages by applying critical media questions, and
define and identify examples of "normalization" and "glamorization" in the media.
Language Arts
Social Studies
Physical Education
Performing Arts
Module II. Marketing
1. Media Mapping- Marketing
2. Media "Branding"
3. Sports Track
4. "Branding" Health

Module Two PDF File
Module Two Handout PDF File

identify the marketing presence of tobacco and alcohol in their communities,
define and identify examples of "product brands," or
identify how marketing, advertising, promotion, and event sponsorships "normalize" and "glamorize" tobacco and alcohol use through building attractive "brand images," and
understand the different and combined influences of advertising, promotions, and event sponsorships.
Language Arts
Social Studies
Physical Education
Module III. Entertainment
1. Media Mapping - Entertainment
2. Character Assessment
3. Entertaining Health

Module Three PDF File

Module Three Handout PDF File

identify their exposure to tobacco and alcohol messages in entertainment media,
identify the positive and negative role models for tobacco and alcohol use which occur in entertainment media, and
identify how entertain- ment programming "normalize" and "glamorize" tobacco and alcohol.
Language Arts
Social Studies
Performing Arts
Module IV. News
1. Media Mapping - News
2. Analyzing News Coverage
3. Operation Deadline

Module Four PDF File
Module Four Handout PDF File
understand how "news" is defined,
identify different perspectives presented in news stories about tobacco and alcohol in each of the major media - television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and
identify direct and indirect tobacco and alcohol promotion in news media.
Language Arts
Social Studies
Module V. It's a Wrap
1. Analyzing Pro-Health Messages
2. Media Mapping - Tobacco and Alcohol


Module Five PDF File
Module Five Handout PDF File

understand the total range of tobacco and alcohol media messages to which they are exposed and
be able to identify "glamorization" and "normalization" across all media formats.
Language Arts
Appendices: Glossary and Resources (PDF File)

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