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March 1, 2004


This month, we're trying something new.
I want to hear from you!

This week is:
"National PTA Alcohol and Other Drug Awareness Week, March 1-7 The use of alcohol and other drugs among young people is a growing concern...."

For years you have heard about the health and safety issues associated with drug and alcohol use. Parents, teachers, Public Service Announcements (PSAs), and even friends all have something to say.

What do you remember most?
What sticks in your head at the moment of decision?
What kind of lesson would you create if you were in charge of educating others about the health and safety issues associated with drug and alcohol use? What would you say? Why? How would you share any concerns that you had with friends? Siblings?

Students, now is your chance to share:
Please email ideas, hints, tips, suggestions, even lesson plans (no attachments please) to me at by Tuesday, March 16, 2004. All lesson plans will be reviewed and considered for posting on the Access Excellence website. All other submissions will be considered for inclusion in a Question of the Week mailing later this month.

Teachers: You are encouraged to submit ideas, as well. Your submissions will be reviewed and included in a separate section.

In order for this to work, I have to hear from YOU!

I would like to give you credit when I share these ideas with other teachers and students around the country. If you would like to remain anonymous, let me know. Otherwise, when you do respond, please include how you would like to be identified:
-- First name? (optional)
-- State? (optional)
-- Age (if you are a student)? (optional)
-- Are you a teacher, student, parent, or ...? (required)

The only information I really need is whether you are a teacher, student, parent, or .... The rest is optional.

Please email me with any ideas or suggestions.
Note: Due to increasing amounts of SPAM sent to this account, please include "QOW" in the subject line when sending me email.

I look forward to reading what you have to say.

Health Community Coordinator
Access Excellence @ the National Health Museum

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