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Health Activities

Project Based Activities

This list is a sample of the project based activities designed to teach health information and concepts found in the various Access Excellence collections. Activities-to-Go, Fellows Collection, Classrooms of the 21st Century and Partners' Collection all contain activities with project based learning. Use our search feature at the bottom of this page to find additional project based learning activities.

Tuberculosis Project  This integrated, interdisciplinary project includes rubrics for health, English, mathematics, science, U.S. History as well as a planning rubric. The project can be adapted for use separately by classes in any one of these subjects, however, it was classroom tested by an interdisciplinary team of teachers.

Nicotine, an American Way of Life?  This writing project uses problem solving techniques to help students recognize, evaluate, and make decisions about their lives and their health.

MediaSharp  MediaSharp, developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, helps young people critically assess how media normalize, glamorize, and create role models for unhealthy lifestyles and behaviors. This program increases the ability of students to "read" and produce media messages.

Nutrition Project  This integrated, interdisciplinary project focuses on the changes in American nutrition that have taken place since 1930, the reasons for the changes and the consequences (both positive and negative) of these changes.

Better Body Books, Inc.  Students produce a book about a body system that can be read and enjoyed by an elementary school student.

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