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NHM Health Focus:
World AIDS Day

December 2008

HIV and AIDS Resources

World AIDS Day Initiatives:
December 1 is World AIDS Day (OMHRC)
WHO HIV/AIDS Programme (WHO)
UNAIDS (Joint United Nations Programme)
World AIDS Day (NAT- United Kingdom)
2008 World AIDS Day (Australia)

Links to Resources
U.S. Government HIV/AIDS Info (AIDS.gov)
HIV/AIDS Information (OMHRC)
HIV / AIDS Information (NLM, (NIH)
AIDS (MedlinePlus, (NLM)
World Health Organization: HIV Infections (WHO)
National Prevention Information Network (CDC)
AIDS Education Global Information System (AEGIS)
Ryan White CARE Act (HRSA)
HIV / AIDS Theme Page (CLN)

Fact Sheets and Articles
HIV Infection and AIDS: An Overview (NIAID)
HIV Infection in Women (NIAID)
HIV and AIDS (KidsHealth)
HIV is STILL at Work (BRTA / LRTA)
HIV Testing- Too Little, Too Late? (HealthPolitics)
HIV Prevention and Control (HealthPolitics)

December 1 is World AIDS Day.

"Established by the World Health Organization in 1988, World AIDS Day serves to focus global attention on the devastating impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Observance of this day provides an opportunity for governments, national AIDS programs, churches, community organizations and individuals to demonstrate the importance of the fight against HIV/AIDS." (HHS)

In Their Own Words: NIH Workers Recall the Early Years of AIDS provides an historical perspective as National Institutes of Health team members tell how they first encountered, identified, and mobilized efforts to prevent HIV infection and AIDS. The timeline begins in 1981.

For an introduction to the science of HIV and AIDS, check out HIV Infection and AIDS: An Overview from (NIAID) or the Basic Information about HIV and AIDS from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For a more technical resource, see the Natural Science of AIDS, posted by the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). This posting includes articles about the biology of HIV infection and treatment, and articles describing clinical laboratory methods.

HIV and AIDS in the classroom

Access Excellence @ the National Health Museum has these resources related to HIV, AIDS, and immunity.

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