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April 4-10, 2005

NHM Health Focus: National Public Health Week

Empowering Americans to Live Stronger, Longer

We encourage you to educate yourself about healthy aging and the three P's:
Prevent, Protect, and Plan to empower Americans to live stronger, longer.


People can PLAN to stay healthy at any age.

  • Regular exercise and healthy eating habits will improve or maintain health at any age. Exercise programs and meal planning can help people stick to their healthy habits. (American Diabetes Association)

  • Older adults can live longer, healthier lives by visiting their doctor on a regular basis and creating an action plan to manage their conditions.(APHA)

  • Nearly one in four older adults skips doses of medication or does not fill prescriptions because of cost, and suffers worse health as a result. Correctly following the treatment prescribed by a doctor makes it possible to manage many illnesses.(APHA)


NHM joins the American Public Health Association (APHA) and other national and local supporters as we focus on National Public Health Week. This year's theme, Empowering Americans to Live Stronger, Longer! alerts us to the many ways we can prevent health problems by practicing healthy living , protect ourselves from disease and injury, and plan to live our lives in a way that promotes a higher quality of life.

We plan health screenings and life style changes to manage our health quality.

Americans can live longer, healthier lives by working with their family members and health care providers to manage their health care. Americans can develop a plan to manage their health that will promote a higher quality of life in later years.


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