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April 4-10, 2005

NHM Health Focus: National Public Health Week

Empowering Americans to Live Stronger, Longer

We encourage you to educate yourself about healthy aging and the three P's:
Prevent, Protect, and Plan to empower Americans to live stronger, longer.


Early detection can PROTECT health at all ages.

  • Testicular Cancer is the second most common cancer seen in males during the teen years and the most common cancer in men 20 to 34 years of age. Monthly self-exams are crucial to early detection and treatment. (KidsHealth)

  • For girls, yearly visits to the gynecologist are crucial to the prevention of pregnancy and infection. Monthly self breast exams are important for early detection and treatment of breast cancer.(KidsHealth)

  • Many chronic diseases can be treated if they are detected in time, but only one-third of older adults receive all recommended screening measures. (APHA)

  • Early detection of colorectal cancer through screening greatly increases chances of survival, yet over 40 percent of adults over age 65 have never had a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy. (APHA)

  • Almost half of all Americans who live to age 65 will be diagnosed with skin cancer at some point in their lives. Protection against skin cancer includes wearing protective clothing and sunscreen SPF 15 or higher every day. (University of Alabama, Birmingham)


NHM joins the American Public Health Association (APHA) and other national and local supporters as we focus on National Public Health Week. This year's theme, Empowering Americans to Live Stronger, Longer! alerts us to the many ways we can prevent health problems by practicing healthy living , protect ourselves from disease and injury, and plan to live our lives in a way that promotes a higher quality of life.

Public health advancements and new treatment options are enabling Americans to live longer. The average life expectancy in the United States is now 74 years for men and 78 years for women. Nevertheless, it is not only important to live longer but to be stronger and healthier. Following the three Ps, Prevent, Protect, and Plan, will enable Americans of all ages to live stronger, longer lives.

We protect ourselves by early detection of and screening for disease.

Today, some chronic diseases can be treated if they are detected in time. However, many Americans are not taking measures necessary, such as early detection and screening, to protect their health. Families and communities can play a critical role in ensuring that they protect their own health and that of their loved ones.


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