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Biome Video Exchange Project

These video clips require quicktime
Middle/High Bio/Environment Classes

Produce video fall semester/Exchange second semester

Biomes around the U.S. (or World)

The project was designed originally as an alternative to the Habitat Boxes that many teachers were involved with. Due to limited space in my classroom, I thought there would be a better way to exchange information about biomes.

The BIOME VIDEO allows students to continue with research of their biome and local region while incorporating more technology(+ they have had a lot of fun making the video.) Other advantages allow the teacher to use the videos in a variety of methods, videos may be kept longer than habitat boxes AND they take up less space.

One the the future goals of this project is to convert clips from the videos on a web page for anyone to have access to and use for their classes........but that is in the future!

For do you get started? I divide my students into teams to research the following areas:

  • Your biome in which you live (climate, flora, fauna)
  • Any local ecosystems with traits different(for students live in the southeastern biome but we also live along the coast and have marsh / beach ecosystems adjoining us)
  • Information concerning your town ( good statistics for the kids to investigate)
  • Finally, information about your school...demographics, etc.

The format of the video has been as a mystery video similar to "Where is Carmen San Diego?" The students videotape and present the information above WITHOUT naming their biome, ecosystems, town or school until the end of the video. This allows other teachers across the nation to show the videos as an introduction to biomes OR as a review OR even a fun quiz!

One thing that the students really enjoy is seeing OTHER students. What a great way to bring us all closer together by discussing similarities(and differences.) Or course, one might need an interpreter to understand my students with their "southern drawl."

When your students complete their video tape, please send me a tape with ONLY your production at the beginning of a tape which is blank afterwards. IMPORTANT: send enough POSTAGE with your tape for the return postage back to you! (no postage/no return)

If I receive the videos after Christmas (actually, I will wait until the end of Jan to get ALL the last min. tapes in), I will then copy the BIOME VIDEOS on your tape and then return at the end of Feb. This year over twenty-five teachers throughout the U.S. have responded and plan on sending a videotape. PLEASE send me a quick e-mail to verify that your students still plan on participating and I will send out a final list of participants next month so you may see who is involved this year.

Should everyone successfully complete the project I will notify you for one of the following options:

  1. Send me more tapes + postage for ALL copies
  2. Select the areas of country you would like to receive tapes from
  3. Allow me to select the "best" of the group and send those

I hope that this will be a problem!!!!!

Any can reach me at:

Michele Powell
Myrtle Beach High School
3300 Central Parkway
Myrtle Beach, S. C. 29577
(803) 448-7149

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