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Collaborative Projects is the place for researchers, teachers and their classes to propose and share:
  • Fossils Across America
  • Allele Project
  • Classroom Anatomy Online

    These varied projects use online communication and collaboration to further the understanding of scientific concepts among students in classrooms across the nation.

  • Fossils Across America

    Each of us has fossils common to our area. Join science teachers across America as we involve out students in the study of local specimens and, when possible, the collection of representative fossils. The representatives specimens will be available to other teachers and their students, for the cost of shipping ground freight.

    Build your students understanding of fossils, and their ecological and geographical distribution (and build your own classroom set of fossils) by joining us on the Fossils Across America message board.

    Allele Project

    We have 27 classes of adult students preparing for Tertiary study, participating in sharing data on a human characteristic. We would like this to become a global project and wish to invite teachers to join with their classes who could benefit from the experience. wThe large samples could give interesting results when comparing regions. The traite for this semester is hair on the middle finger joint and is therefore not going raise any question of genetic superiority or inferiority.

    We are currently setting up an online student activity. It involves students collecting data on a human Allele. Students enter their own data and then extract their own data, their classes data and the total data. They can choose to analyse the data getting phenotype and gene frequencies by age and sex; for their own data, any classes data, total data. If we get enough interest we will also sort by world region or country.

    Teachers can apply to join the project by e-mailing me at

    There is no charge. (at least for this current semester). If you send a list of student names I can issue you a set of access codes for them.

    The project is a cooperative effort between TAFENSW Australia and the University of Sydney's "Australian National Genetics Information Server"

    The site can be visited and data viewed at

    Thank you


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