Online Projects

Online Projects

The table below presents the range online projects presently being developed. This area discusses the issues that lead to successful online projects and how to bring research and science education communities closer together. In the table, each project type is linked to a page containing sample projects and their description.

So far Online Projects have been catagorized into three different formats:

  1. Collaborative Projects facilitate the exchange of information and materials between classes and among classrooms.

  2. Data Collection Projects collect and compare data between classes and among classrooms.

  3. Research Projects develop an original research question in collaboration with research scientists.

 [D] Keys to Successful Online Projects

Collaborative Projects Data Collection Projects Research Projects
Established Projects
(Low Risk/Moderate commitment)
Biome Videos GREEN,
Cold Spring Harbor's DNA database,
Monarch Watch,
Feeder Watch,
Boreal Forest Watch,
Whale Net
Tested Projects
(Low Risk/Large commitment)

Water Quality,
Environet Monitoring
KanCRN UV Yeast,
KanCRN Ozone,
Pilot Projects
(High risk/Large commitment)
Insect Collecting,
Fossils Across America,
Anatomy Online,
Cemetery Data,
Elm Tree Data
Acid Rain and Snow
UV Yeast,
Wisconsin Fast Plant/NASA CUE,
Project SETI
cDNA Sequencing

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