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About the Author

Carolyn Csongradi

Carolyn Csongradi received her bachelor of science degree in chemistry from the University of California at Berkeley, and master of education and neuroscience degrees from Stanford University. She has taught high school science for more than fifteen years, after a five year hiatus working as a Criminalist with the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office.

While working as a Criminalist and testifying in court, she developed an interest in the discipline of ethics. Her job encompassed examining serological evidence, analyzing illicit drugs, determining blood alcohol levels and re-constructing improvised explosive devices. After five years of living on adrenalin, she returned to the classroom for "rest and recuperation".

As a high school teacher, she has mentored new teachers and interns, assisted teachers in disposing of and managing hazardous chemicals and served as a safety consultant. Her current assignment is at Burlingame High School, where she has taught both Chemistry and Life Science. She joined the Access Excellence team in January as the teacher facilitator for "Classrooms of the 21st Century".

Carolyn, a native Californian, has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area all of her adult life. She lives with her husband and teenage son, and shares her space with a dog, parrot and rabbit. In her spare time, she reads and rides her horse for pleasure.

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