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Science and Problem Solving Techniques

Writing Project


While working on this project, you will:

  1. Read about different problem solving perspectives which may be used during conflict resolution.
  2. Examine your own thoughts and ideas while exploring a real life dilemma.
  3. Compare conflict resolution techniques with scientific reasoning.

Background Reading

We have all been faced with a personal problem that requires a difficult choice. Biology, medicine and law, to name a few, are careers which involve very complex decisions as part of the job. Sometimes a conflict affects only us, causing a struggle with our conscience. More often we try to balance the desires of a friend, family member or even society against our own wants. A dilemma develops when the consequences of a plan of action are painful, no matter which path is taken. In searching for an acceptable resolution, consider the following questions:

  • Is the dilemma clearly understood?
  • Has sufficient information been gathered from a variety of sources?
  • What personal values and principles are relevant for everyone involved?
  • Will reference to a source of "right" and "wrong" such as the Koran or Bible be made(deontological ethics) or will a reasoned analysis of the benefits and harms of each choice be undertaken(teleological ethics)?
  • What are the primary obligations of the person making the decision?


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