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DATES: JULY 11 - JULY 18,1998 Project Director: Dan Bisaccio

Field Site:

The El Eden Biological Preserve is located 27 kilometers west of Cancun in the north/ central region of the Yucatan Peninsula. The enormous biological diversity is recognized by both the Center for Ecological Studies (Mexico) and College of the Southern Frontier as a global natural resource and as such they have begun a rapid biological assessment of the preserve.

We will be staying at the El Eden field research station located within the Core Zone of the preserve. This area is only open to field researchers and is home to over 400 species of birds (equal to the number of bird species found in all of North America), stable populations of jaguar, ocelot, spider, and howler monkeys. Additionally, in a one acre plot, there are more tree species found than in all of North America.

During the week, participants will be assisting field biologists in identifying and classifying the biological diversity found within the preserve. Evenings will include mistnetting bats and socratic seminars discussing issues in conservation biology. Additionally, participants will have an opportunity to visit a Mayan ruin and snorkel at coastal coral reef reserve during the last two days of the institute. The purpose is to establish baseline data on the diversity and begin work on defining the ecological function of the species present.

Overall, this is an unusual and unique opportunity in that it not only allows for authentic field research but also staff development credit for teachers and/ or college credit for participants (additional fee for college credit).

Contact : Dan Bisaccio, Project Director
Email: HabitatNet@shs.mv.com
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