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  1. Identify 10 things you already know about your X–File subject.

  2. List five ways that you can apply what you know about language or grammar to investigating your subject.

  3. What are some possible sources of information about your subject? Be specific.

  4. List ten questions you have about your subject.

  5. Identify some possible drawings, photos, or diagrams that might illustrate your dossier.

  6. Identify some possible math data or statistical evidence you might use to explain your subject.

  7. List five areas related to your subject that might be worth investigating for connections to communications.

  8. List five people you know who might give you some assistance in your investigation.
>From Thompson, Michael. (1997). "Believing the Truth IS Out There: A Science and Math School Uses Language as the Heart of Its Curricular Connections." English Journal. v86. n7. Pages 98-102. November 1997.

Reveiw and comments by Chuck Downing, Ph.D.

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