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"X" tending Your Curriculum, 2

>From Thompson, Michael. (1997). "Believing the Truth IS Out There: A Science and Math School Uses Language as the Heart of Its Curricular Connections." English Journal. v86. n7. Pages 98-102. November 1997.

Reveiw and comments by Chuck Downing, Ph.D.

In addition to the "traditional" components of the dossier, student teams were responsible for:

  1. A four to six page memo summarizing the findings included in the dossier (Directions for the memo are found in Figure 3);

  2. Twenty questions with answers that agents might use to prepare themselves to testify before a "special Senate Sub-Committee hearing" (p. 99).

  3. The final component of the project was a 10-15 minute oral presentation by the team of their research findings. Presentations had to include visuals and/or multimedia.

An admonition to the students was the need to address other research on the communication investigated by the team. Another requirement was to answer a series of questions from the "Agency Directors" (the teachers) immediately following the group presentation. Finally each team was required to provide some advice on how to communicate with an organism using the form of communication investigated (p. 99). The assignment indicated the existence of "others" who communicated in each fashion investigated. (See Figure 2 for a partial listing of communication types investigated.)

Research missions were randomly assigned to groups based on communication type. During the first week of investigation, groups had the opportunity to switch topics with another group. Each director (teacher) provided a list of specific expectations for each dossier/presentation. This satisfied the interdisciplinary requirement, since the assignment was assessed in each of four classes.

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