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Teachers at the Frontline of Reform

A discussion about initiatives to implement the National Science Education Standards

Hosted by Glynis McCray

Join Glynis in the Teacher's Lounge to discuss these projects!

While the challenge to improve science education must be met by all Americans, teachers act as the primary motivators, conduits of information, and assessors of knowledge, making them the single most important element in the education of our children. This critical role is reflected in the emphasis placed upon teachers in the reforms outlined in the National Research Council's National Science Education Standards.

This discussion provides an examination of five projects that offer strategies to improve secondary school science education based on these standards.

  1. Science Teaching Standards
    NSTA's Scope, Sequence & Coordination
    Addressing what science teachers should know, understand and be able to do

  2. Standards for Professional Development
    The Woodrow Wilson National Leadership Program for Teachers
    Addressing the professional development of what teachers know and their teaching skills

  3. Assessment Standards
    Golden State Examination Science Portfolio
    Provides the basis for determining the quality of assessment practices

  4. Science Content Standards
    NABT's "High Quality Biotechnology On a Shoestring"
    Addressing what students should know, understand and be able to do in the natural sciences

    Program Standards

  5. Parks as Classroom
    Addressing the conditions needed for a quality science program

About the National Science Education Standards and other Reform Programs
Links to information about the science education reform initiatives in the United States

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