Judy Allard

My name is Judy Allard and I have been teaching for 27 years. I teach BSCS Blue Version Biology to high ability 9th graders and AP Biology to 11-12th graders at Burlington High School in Burlington, VT. I am very new to being connected to the information highway. I am only able to navigate now thanks to the generosity of Genentech through its Access Excellence Program. This prospect of taking a course online is very exciting to me as I cannot normally take courses during the school year due to the time involved. Since the time here is flexible, this form of coursework is ideal.

I am very interested in food and nutrition since I have had some health problems related to both of these areas. Due to a bout with diverticulitis, I had a ruptured intestine. The surgeon who did my temporary colostomy told me that I was so heavy that they nearly had not been able to do it. He suggested that I lose some weight before the repair surgery to make it safer. I met with a nutritionist and developed a plan to do just that. I have lost over 90 pounds and now look AND feel much better. I LOVE food and it is a constant battle to maintain my present weight. I'm from a French Canadian family where food is a inseparable part of family celebrations. I am looking forward to these next three months.

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