Susan Brady

Title: Coordinator of Public Programs

Since 1986 I have worked at the Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley, where I develop activities, lead workshops and institutes for students and teachers, and coordinate a variety of programs. My areas of interest have been related to the brain, marine biology, biotechnology, environmental issues, and ethical implications of science. I have worked with SEPUP, FOSS, and GEMS, as well as directing the LHS-STEP (Scientists and Teachers in Educational Partnerships) program, an NSF-funded project to encourage teachers, students and scientists to form partnerships and consider societal issues related to advances in science and technology. I love my job, which makes me the envy of most of my friends! I was born in Los Angeles, but I grew up in Rochester, MN, where two formative events took place. One, I witnessed my first professional sporting event, a Twins game, when I was in fourth grade, starting me on a lifelong journey of baseball fandom that was crushed mercilessly with the strike last year. Second, I decided to become a scientist because of an exceptional 7th grade teacher. We moved back to California when I was in high school, and I went to USC for my BS, and then to UC Berkeley for my Ph.D. in marine botany, specializing in tropical phytoplankton (ask me for more info). After I finished my Ph.D. work, I decided that I was much more interested in teaching about science than in continuing research myself, so I came to LHS and began there as the outreach coordinator for the Biology Department. I just became a homeowner a year ago in October, and I now enjoy (?) hanging out at Home Depot (they know my Visa number my heart). I am a Christian and a youth advisor in the junior high group at my church. I am single and have no children, but enjoy seeing my two nieces and nephew in Southern California whenever I can, plus spending lots of time with kids in my neighborhood who love to "help" me with gardening and other chores. I also volunteer at an inner city ministry program for kids in Oakland and at a tutoring center across the street from my house in Berkeley. I love baseball (despite the heartbreak), tidepools, USC football, Cal basketball, and ice cream. I don't cook, and I don't watch golf, boxing, or car racing.

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