Jerry Jensen

I'm Jerry Jensen, a biology teacher in rural Minnesota. I actually live 24 miles from Sioux Falls, South Dakota- but everyone wants me to be in the Twin Cities which is 4 hours away. I teach in a school district with one high school. An average grade level includes 115-135 students. I am the only biology teacher, but I do have the advantage of an extremely supportive school district. If I can show justification for materials I will most likely get them in the near future. Education is important to much of our community. About 80% of our students go onto college (2 or 4 year). 90 of 115 graduates last year took the ACT exam.

I am especially interested in nutrition because I am so bad at it. If I learn how bad I really am maybe it will scare me into changing my eating habits. I grew up with traditional rural eating- meat and potatoes. The only positive is we don't fry foods. This is a personal reason, my professional reason is my primary reason for being part of this program. That reason is finding more ways to make learning meaningful to high school students. I would think nutrition could be an excellent avenue for this. I already dabble in "Covert Bailey land" on occasion in my class.

I am also interested in the chemistry- at least the chemistry I can use with my students. Kids love to experiment with food- burning fruit loops and peanuts, pineapple in jello etc. Food just seems to turn them on.

I really am swamped in school now and plan to do most work on weekends and over Christmas break.



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