William Kuhn

I am 53 years old and this is my thirty-first year of teaching. It is my opinion that old teachers come in all ages and so do young ones! I teach Biology I for ninth graders and Honors Biology II for seniors and really enjoy the subject content, the interactions with the students, and being able to share my enthusiasm for the subject. We live in a rural area of Michigan's northern lower peninsula that is packed with glacial lakes and streams. I have a BS in Ed. (biology and chemistry) from Ohio State and an MS in aquatic biology from Central Michigan Univ. I like to camp, hike, canoe, fish, do stained glass and play golf and volleyball. My wife and I have three children including a daughter that is a chem/physics teacher across the hall, a daughter who writes for an environmental consulting firm and a son who is a corrections officer.

My favorite areas of biology include biochemistry, genetics, ecology, and nutrition. I am constantly adding to a list of ideas to try in my classroom as funding and time permits. I will be attending the NABT Conference in Phoenix this October 25-28 where I hope to add to my list. When I reach the end of this list, I will know it is time to check out! Are any other members of our class attending this conference? I am involved with the development of a regional science, math and technology center that has just received funding and would welcome ideas and suggestions.

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