Pamela Pasciak

As you've all seen on the Bulletin Board, I am currently employed at Bristol Myers Squibb Company. I recently completed a Master of Science Degree in Molecular Biology and Science Teaching. I am in the process of completing my final requirements for teaching certification in New York State. I hope to teach Biology and/or Chemistry at the middle or high school level. I am involved in community outreach programs throughout the year, speaking to students about my work at Bristol Myers.

In my spare time I train and race mountain and road bicycles and cross-country skis. I am part of a small women's cycling team out of Utica, New York sponsored by a spring water company. I enjoy anything having to do with the outdoors, and participate as a chaperone for local high school student's trips to the Adirondack mountains for hiking, biking, and skiing. My first love is learning; I always enjoy myself when I am learning, and am looking forward to instilling this joy in my future students.

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