The Scientific Basis of Nutrition
Are We Really What We Eat?


Access Excellence/University of California, San Diego
Instructor: Dr. Paul Saltman
Course #: 40025
Section #: 001
Index #: EX00047
Dates: 16 October 1995 - 8 January 1996

Weeks 1-2: The Science of Nutrition, The Mysticism of Food

Weeks 3-4: The Fires of Life - The Body's Metabolism

Weeks 5-6: Weight Management/Obesity/Anorexia

Weeks 7-8: Vitamins

Weeks 9-10: Minerals and Trace Elements

NOTE: The final exam for this course will be made available online on 18 December 1995. The exam must be returned to the instructor by 8 January 1996. Further details about the exam, and other class information will be made available in the Instructor's introduction during the first week of the course.

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