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The Science of Amber

Selected References

World Wide Web Resources

The following Web sites all contain information, excellent pictures, resources, and Web links pertaining to the science of amber:

Amber, A View of the Past This Web site, created by the seminar facilitator, is filled with excellent pictures, resources, and more information on amber.

The Naltural History of Amber Interactive CD-Rom Development

Amber Lady

Print materials

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Gorman, James. (1982) "The 40-Million-Year-Old Bug." Discover, May: 36-40.

Grimaldi, D. A. (1988) "Still Life with Flowers." Natural History, 8:86-90.

Burnham, L. (1980) "Amber." Horticulture, 2:24-31.

Pellegrina, C. R. 1985, Dinosaur capsule, Omni, 7(1):40-43.

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